School costs and donation

In 2021 we will ask for three financial payments.


ANI is a high achieving decile 9 state funded school, however the funding we receive from the government is inadequate to provide the type of education and staffing ratios we offer.  Each year the Board of Trustees requests a voluntary parent donation which is a key component of our budget because it allows us to provide:

  • Specialist programmes – we have nine additional specialist teachers employed to deliver highly interactive Science, Technology, Physical Education, Arts and Language programmes.
  • Smaller class sizes – on average our class sizes are well below many other Auckland Intermediate schools.
  • MakerSpaces – these are collaborative technology areas within each team.

The costs for these and other initiatives cannot be met by government funding and we appreciate your contribution which will benefit students. The voluntary donation of $375.00 attracts a tax credit.

Voluntary Parent Donation $375.00


This request is to pay for materials students use during the year in specialist areas such as technology or other subjects with a practical component (where students work with materials such as food or textiles). If students or parents agree to take ownership of finished projects and take them home then it can be expected the costs involved in completing each project are met. Obviously we endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum and always give students the choice to take home the finished product or not.

Take home Items $200.00


Each year we plan a number of visits, activities or guest speakers to supplement the learning programme. There is a cost associated with these events (e.g. a trip to the zoo). Parents often find it more convenient to pay in advance for these activities. A full breakdown of how this money was allocated to will be provided at the end of the year showing parents exactly how it was spent.

Payment in advance for Class Trips/Activities $85.00

PLEASE NOTE: PAYMENTS ABOVE EXCLUDE TERM ONE Y7 EOTC/Y8 CAMP (Estimated costs: EOTC $210 and Camp $400), OUT OF SCHOOL SPORT ACTIVITIES AND CENTRAL ZONE SPORTS EVENTS – Online banking to Auckland Normal Intermediate 12 3048 0291429 00.